Holly Brooke here, interviewing Vegas PG for Aggressive Comix. I first met Vegas PG at Wondercon 2013, and got to know her better as we bumped into one another at cons throughout the year.  I can tell you that she is a genuinely amazing person inside and out!     Who doesn’t want to get to know a jaw dropping geek a little better?

tumblr_msvel8M4fq1qdrl30o1_5001. You go by Vegas Power Girl, are we allowed to know your civilian name?

Every good Super Hero has to have a secret identity!


1060505_331459783654023_1071262767_n2. What is it about Power Girl that makes you want to embody her?

She’s strong and sassy, but most of all she has a heart of gold and just wants to help the world to be a better place, and that’s truly what I want from this life, so what better way than to do it as a superhero!


1907479_912000075524770_1763555634720377748_n 3. If you could have Power Girl team up with anybody from the DC Universe who would it be?

Geeze….from the DC Universe….well I think the most obvious choice would be Wonder Woman. But I think I’d REALLY like to do a Marvel teamup with Dazzler!


11407317_914885625236215_6849956110864601955_n 4. What has been the most challenging costume you have made?

LOL well I feel like every time I start a new costume, it’s the most challenging! I gain confidence with every one I make, so I up the ante every time, and challenge myself more!


11159966_884407748284003_671162835420723141_n5.What conventions are you hoping to attend in the upcoming con season?

I’ll be at Comikaze Expo and I’m hoping to make it to the Long Beach Comic and Horror con. Next year though I’m scheduling even MORE!


_MG_4958-3_large6. What has been your biggest fangirl moment?

Well Last year at The Las Vegas Comic Expo, I had the opportunity to meet Adam Hughes and he signed my Power Girl Belt. He also asked to take a selfie with me, which was beyond awesome! This year at San Diego Comic Con, I walked by his booth out of costume, and he waved at me and said “Hey Power Girl!” I was SO EXCITED that he remembered me! It was the best birthday present EVER!


548784_512087562145127_1377227342_n7. Do you have any comic book crushes?

Well, ever since I started reading the Uncanny X-Men when I was 10, I have had the biggest crush on Logan/Wolverine. What can I say?




For more information on Vegas PG Cosplay, and to stay up to date with her latest costumes and convention line up please check out:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VegasPGcosplay
Instagram: http://instagram.com/vegaspg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VegasPG

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