Crazy rumors should always be taken with a big grain of salt. In the case of the fan theory regarding Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad film (via Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice), I suggest a salt lick.

For a quick refresher, a fan on Reddit reasoned that the Joker in the upcoming film could in fact be Jason Todd, who is the Robin that was killed in the A Death in the Family storyline. The idea being the first Joker drove Jason so insane that he became the new Joker.

Now another keen eyed Redditor has added another layer of evidence to the fan theory. The first reveal photo of the Joker by director David Ayer on Twitter shows two shoulder wounds. The Robin suit in the second Batman V Superman trailer on display with the words “HAHAHA Joke’s on you BATMAN” also shows two shoulder wounds in the same place. Check it out below!


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