I honestly can’t wait to see the various Creationist complaints about Disney’s next adventure film, based on the Naturalist and author of “Origin of The Species”, Charles Darwin.

No, we’re not making that up. Disney said the Darwin project is in early stages, director Stephen Gaghan (Traffic, Syriana) is attached, and will reportedly be filming from his own script.   Not much is known about the project thus far, but I can’t get this image from True Belief Comics out of my head.


Deadline is postulating an “Indiana Jones like” quality to the historical personality of Darwin, citing his travels on the HMS Beagle to be ‘daring’.  I mean, let’s not forget that in 2010, “Origin Of The Species” was an electro opera in Denmark, how cool is that? You can even get a LEGO set of the Beagle to reenact your own voyage to the Galapagos Islands to discover where we all came from.

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