We’ve all been waiting to see how the Disney acquisition of the Star Wars EVERYTHING would pan out, aside from Leia HOPEFULLY taking her rightful place among the Princesses.


The Disney Channel has officially ordered a second season of Star Wars: Rebels, which doesn’t even air until tomorrow (Friday, October 3rd) but the pre pilot buzz is good.

Then today the annual Star Wars title release was announced by Disney-owned Lucasfilm, wherein it appears the breakneck plan is to have a film (feature or mini) within the galaxy far far away universe released EVERY YEAR.  This is by FAR one of the most ambitious schedules to date for any studio, it will be very interesting to see if this actually happens.

Optimism is high there will be a full length feature about more of the female characters in the universe, like the Nightsisters.  That’d be AMAZING.

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