Way back in 2003, Disney/Pixar took the world by storm with a little film called, Finding Nemo. A story about an overprotective clownfish, who loses his son and sets out on a journey through the far reaches of the ocean to get him back. The film introduced us to many memorable characters, but none more beloved than a Regal Tang Fish with short-term memory loss, named Dory. Now, 13 years later Dory is on a quest to be reunited with her parents and gets lost herself in, Finding Dory.

Dory, the forgetful, blue fish, who just keeps on swimming, is back and she brought along Marlin, Nemo, and a ton of characters,new and old, to take part in this latest adventure. It is all but certain that Disney/Pixar have released what will be the top family film of 2016 and another instant classic no less. We think that is grounds enough for a celebration, and so do our buddies over at Secret of the Booze. Gary and Rich conceived another delicious cocktail for us to imbibe. A perfect little drink to enjoy poolside on a hot/humid day. I’m sure if you enjoy enough of them during the course of the day, you might have temporary short-term memory issues yourself. That may or may not be what you are going for; just something you may wish to keep in mind. Take a look below for our recipe and instructions on how you can make your own “Finding Dory Cocktail”!

5 oz. Blue Curacao
Fruit slices (Lemon, Orange, Kewi)
10 oz Sprite
10 oz. Coconut Rum
10 oz. Vodka
Swedish Fish
Nerds                                                                                                                                                                         Ice

For glassware, you want to get a big punchbowl. The more reminiscent your vessel is of a fishbowl the better the overall presentation is going to look. Next, you are going to prep your fruit by cutting each into slices with a medium thickness. Make sure your peel your kiwi before slicing it, cause nobody wants kiwi fuzz in their drink. Feel free to leave the rind on the lemons and oranges, cause it will help them keep their shape better. Take your punchbowl and pour a couple handfuls of nerds on the bottom; this will mimic the rocks at the bottom of a fishbowl or ocean. Next you are going to add a bunch of ice and pour in all your rum and vodka. These measurements are up to you, make this as strong or weak as you fancy. Then you are going to want to add your fruit slices and some Swedish Fish. Top it off with a nice healthy pour of Sprite and finish with a couple of straws and a decorative umbrella or two.

Check out the video of Rich and Gary putting the “Finding Dory Cocktail” together below! As always please drink Aggressively!

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