Guardians-of-the-Galaxy_900x506So after the long awaited release Guardians of the Galaxy finally hits theaters. I was definitely skeptical over this feature seeing as it was a cast of characters that most comic book readers don’t even know about, let alone standard audiences. The beginning of the film was a little rushed but other than that I really cannot complain about this movie. The acting was meh but what can you really expect from a Dave Batista? Dude took chairs to the head for a living. The thing that truly makes this movie great however is 1 thing and 1 thing only and that is that its actually a funny flick. It basically is Marvel’s buddy comedy. The dynamic between the cast and the punch lines in this movie are fucking great. My favorite one involves a Jackson Pollock painting. I don’t want to ruin the line but I will simply say that it was so funny I think most of the audience missed the following two lines.

Rocket’s character as expect is your classic asshole filled with great one-liners that are delivered fast and quick. I expect to see A LOT of Rocket cosplays as a result of this movie. Chris Pratt owns it as Star Lord. He is genuine and an overall nice guy. Zoe Saldana has always been a meh actress and again she is meh here especially when she has to act against Karen Gillan’s Nebula. Gillian robs every scene she has with Zoe Saldana’s Gamora. Vin Deisel… dude you should ALWAYS play parts that don’t involve much dialogue… I mean dude owned it as the Iron Giant and now owns it as a giant tree creature who can only say “I am Groot”.


So the short and dirty… Does Guardians of the Galaxy kickass? Yes it does. I instantly bought the soundtrack and rocked out driving home from the theater. It is definitely a feel good flick that wins on many counts. Is it perfect no but its still really good and a great flick to catch with your friends. It will be quoted for sure and definitely stay for the after credits. I give this flick an 8.5 out of 10.

Ok now that I reviewed this shit… Spoilers time… So if you don’t want them run from me.

Ok I’m waiting…

Still here?

Man you really want to know don’t you

Ok Last Chance…

Ok well fuck it I think I gave everyone enough time to leave and enough space to not ooops see some shit. So in this flick you see Thanos and I gotta say he looks badass. Also reminds me of half the jocks that used to stuff me into lockers but that’s besides the point. The movie has 2 moments that legit I teared up on. I mean when Groot dies and Rocket breaks down its really hard not to get choked up especially when Rocket is telling him why are you doing this don’t do it and the big man look at him and goes “We are Groot” implying they are all one/friends. Friendship is a HUGE tone in the movie which is why I suggest it being a buddy comedy. The end credit scenes are weak BUT they do offer 1 large thing and that is Howard the Duck.

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