Are you a Batman fan… of coarse you are else why the f#$k are you even reading this article?! Well folks here is some good news for you Specular Interactive is developing a game where you get to roll like Bruce Wayne where you can have your rag top down so your hair can blow (love you Vanilla Ice!).  Arcade Heroes (via spoke with the CEO, Lead Programmer, and Game Director of Specular Interactive Steven Ranck about the open world game which features over ten different vehicles from the dark knight’s history.

“We knew the Batmobile had to drive really fast to give the player the level of excitement we wanted,” Ranck said. “But being able to take 90 degree corners at city intersections while driving hundreds of miles-per-hour was a real challenge, and often resulted with the Batmobile slamming into the buildings on the opposite side of the road. To solve this, Specular engineered a unique driving physics model that allows players of any skill level to drive the Batmobile at insane speeds and still make those 90 degree corners like a pro Hollywood stunt driver, and without giving up any player control over the car.”

“Gotham City in our game is nearly 10 square miles of various suburbs, unique neighborhoods, elevation changes, tunnels, bridges, hills, dirt roads, jumps, secret paths, etc., all hand crafted by a few very talented artists here at Specular. We placed tens of thousands of lights, thousands of physics objects, trees, bushes, effects, moving traffic cars, emergency vehicles & aircraft, ruined buildings and debris, gave names to neighborhoods, streets, and storefronts, and built famous landmarks from the DC Batman universe. It was a huge effort, but the end result is a fantastic rendition of Gotham City to experience.”

The game is going to be simply titled Batman and will hit arcades (where they still exist) by the end of this year! So be sure to be the first adult to toss a little kid out of the game say HEY YOU DON’T HAVE A LICENSE ONLY ADULTS CAN DRIVE THIS GAME! (help give you an excuse to speed the line up so you can play the game) and enjoy the trailers below!




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