According to the Associated Press, Mr. The Rock has a decision on his hands for what role he’ll be playing in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of the Stupid Titles— Shazam or his arch-nemesis Black Adam.

Sure Johnson has gushed over Black Adam but I don’t think that’s the character we’ll be seeing in Dawn of Justice. First of all, Johnson has said he’ll be relying on the lighter roles he’s played in the past (such as the Toothfairy, I’d gather) and secondly, Dawn of Justice has been all about introducing the characters that make up the Justice League.

I know that Black Adam has been reimagined as an anti-hero but honestly, how many brooding superheroes do we need in one movie? And if they’re already introducing Black Adam then who will they introduce to fight him… Shazam?

Black Adam makes a great nemesis for Shazam so it makes far more sense to introduce Shazam in Dawn of Justice, have him team up with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and all of them in Justice League and then send him off on his merry way to a solo film to fight Black Adam.

So I’m going to call it, Dwayne Johnson is playing Shazam.

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