I seriously cannot contain my Xena excitement right now.  If you watched the 90’s girl power adventure fantasy series, chances are you saw episodes guest staring Bruce Campbell as Autolycus, the King Of Thieves.


The pair were wonderfully matched in the cheesy epicness that was the Warrior Princess series, and they will be reuniting for the upcoming Ash Vs. Evil Dead miniseries coming to STARZ.  This story comes to us from Aaron Sagers via SyFy’s BLASTR.

Sager writes:

When I brought that warning up to Campbell, this was his response, “Dear Ms. Lawless: Hit your marks, say your lines, or your fired.”

He then dropped the news that “she’s going to be on the show.” “We just added her to our cast, and I got to tell you, I couldn’t be happier. Some actors you work with and you know that you’re going to fail the chemistry test. There are some that you know you won’t fail it. She’s great; I worked with her a lot in the Xena days, and it’s great to have her on Ash Vs. Evil Dead.”

Aaron goes on to say Lucy didn’t reveal too much about her role on the series, Campbell said Lawless is very good at “playing extreme characters,” and that’s what she’ll be doing on AvED as well.


I interviewed Lucy once at DragonCon, it was amazing.  I couldn’t stop giggling, and she put me right at ease.  I wish I still had footage of the time Bruce punched me in the arm and said I was “Allllllright” for not asking him stupid questions at SDCC one year.

Ash Vs. The Evil Dead series is slated for 10 half-hour episodes set to debut in 2015 on STARZ.

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