ABOUT >> Rich Cassidy
  • ACCOUNT NAME >> aggressivecomix
  • BIO >> Rich Cassidy is the CEO and Co-Owner of Aggressive Comix. Aggressive was originally created back in 1997 with his best friend and co-owner Dom Davis (Vice President) between the two of them their levels of geek knowledge is unparalleled. When others were worrying about getting laid Rich was worried about how he would escape the locker he was stuffed into.
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3 thoughts on “Fake Nerd Girls

  1. This culture has always been mean for the ‘lulz’ so-to-speak. I know that I’ve passed on a meme or two, or said a joke or two, and held my own hostility up to the light especially behind the veil of the internet on any combination of occasions. But you’re right, and in my heart I wouldn’t be that way to a person naturally nor am I typically a mean person in most scenarios. I also wasn’t one of the people to comment on your photo shoot, I didn’t know about it to be honest before this video, and I didn’t look them up. Yet, it helped me to see things from another perspective. Not everyone has a thick skin and people can only take so much. That being said, it comes with the territory of being a model in the age of the web, and I commend you for letting it out for the chance that maybe someone will have their mind opened.

    Nerds can be a particularly vicious crowd to try and please. And no matter what your target audience you’ll always find a bunch of people to sell you short and shout something unpleasant.

    Maybe it’s jealousy, maybe it’s the internet’s anonymity shifting our personalities, maybe it’s both or something more. But as a community that’s, if you’ve been a part of it since childhood, endured it’s fair share of undue criticism and bullying… we should just know better. I’ll think twice next time before I let my with get the best of me. Great video!

  2. Sorry. The internet is a jerk. But don’t worry, you’re hot and will intimidate just about every nerd/geek you meet from here on out (charisma + 10), while the rest of us will end up broken by a girl less attractive and less nice than you who left us for some jerk because we learned too late that nice guys finish last. So we practice being that jerk from behind our internet personas, in hopes that we will gain the confidence to be the jerk that our first love left us for.

    But seriously, sorry you’re so hot.