I feel like I am not going out on a limb here by saying that many of  the heroes and villains we see in comic books, film, and other popular media owe a lot to the great author and playwright, William Shakespeare.

Characters like Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader could have just as easily come out of one of Shakespeare’s plays. Think of it now; a young farm hand with an unquenchable thirst to prove himself, thrown into battle against an insanely powerful and evil empire. He is full of conflicted romantic feelings toward a girl who ends up being his long lost sister, and he is forced into mortal combat against the empire’s best warrior. A man who in reality is his father, who was long presumed dead! Come on people, that has Billy Shakes written all over it!

What about Batman? A young boy’s family is brutally murdered in front of him by a thief in the night. That boy grows into a man who is obsessed with making sure no innocent life in his city has to endure what he has. He is consumed with what is surely a crusade that cannot be won. Especially when men like the sinister Joker, stalk the streets of fair Gotham. A crazed lunatic in the guise of a cheerful Jester, he speaks in terrible jokes and limericks and the punchline is always death!

Or how about Lord Tony Stark? A great man of wealth and power, he is on one hand extremely promiscuous and plagued by the demon that is alcohol. However, on the other hand he is an iron clad avenger of justice! Now that is some shit i probably would have read in high school, without the use of Cliff Notes.

Well just incase you have truly ever wondered what our favorite heroes and villains make have looked like during the oh so ruffly Elizabethan era, one artist has done the guessing work for you! Sacha Goldberger has put together this amazing photo set. Be sure to check it all of her tremendous work out here!

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