Sony is apparently starting to text a PlayStation 4 console with a 1 TB hard drive, according to recent filings with the Federal Communications Commission.

The new console with the 1 TB hard drive is listed as model CUH-1215B in the FCC documents, as you can see in the image below.


Another prototype console (CUH-1215A) will include a 500 GB hard drive, which has been the only size available since the PS4’s original release.

Though PS4 ships with a 2.5-inch hard drive, the console’s design makes it easy to replace. Sony even provides directions in a PlayStation Knowledge Center article.

Hard drive size is particularly important because of a lot of the gaming market is now digital and users are quickly running out of space to store all their games. PlayStation Plus subscribers, for example, get free downloadable games every month. And if you choose to collect ’em all…you’ve probably run out of space to hold anything else already. Sony alluded to that segment’s profitability in a recent financial disclosure, citing a “significant increase in network services revenue” as part of the Game & Network Services division’s success.

Microsoft, also bundles a 500 GB hard drive with the standard Xbox One system. However, special edition consoles like one for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, include a 1 TB hard drive. Hurry up Sony. 

For more on Playstation news stay tuned.

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