Feel free to skip ahead to the trailer for Friday the 13th: The Game, but by all means stick around if you want to know why it’s awesome, and why it sucks.

If you aren’t aware of what an asymmetric multiplayer game is, it is a game where the teams are designed to be unequal. Whether it is aliens versus humans, sharks against divers, a few versus many, or a single massive beast against a group.  Asymmetric games can put unlimited power in the hands of a single player and let him dominate an entire team, or be systematically destroyed by that team. This type of game can offer some truly unique play experiences.

Now, we have what could be the ultimate idea in asymmetric gameplay: someone plays as Jason, and the other team as his potential victims. Are you kidding?! That’s totally bananas! This has the potential to be something great, and all of the griefers running around survival games who like to kill randoms can live out their fantasy around Camp Crystal Lake. Can you imagine, stalking camp counselors through the woods around Crystal Lake? What about running from a super human serial killer while scrounging for any weapon or useful tool you can find?

I truly hope this game gets made and that it is amazing. However, they need you to back their kickstarter. I’m not a fan of kickstarters for games. You want me to give you money for the promise that you might produce a game that I like.  Not only do I not get to see a review of said game before I buy it, but I also don’t even know if it will ever actually be finished. Maybe it’s a developer I trust, sure, ok let’s have a look. But wait a minute, if I trust them already, then they’ve made a product that I liked, what did they do with the money from that? Did it not make a profit? If so, why is that not being reinvested in the company? Asking consumers to fund your product smacks of a company that does not know how to manage a business.

Gun Media is not exactly a company with a proven track record, especially in the realm of a 3rd person action game. Am I saying not to back them? No, but I am saying think very hard about it. A Friday the 13th game has a lot of potential, and using the Unreal Engine 4 is a smart move.  They are also aiming for a Mature rating, which is another bonus.

What do you think? If the game gets finished will I see you there from behind my hockey mask?

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