The resurgence of our favorite nostalgic Renaissance turtles have spilled some OOZE all over the badass footwear brought to you by Dr. Martens. These shoes were inspired by the original 1984 series created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman, where the four teenage reptiles lead by the ultimate sensei, Master Splinter on an epic journey of learning Ninjitsu in the sewers of New York City. Their huge affinity towards pepperoni pizza (I mean..who doesn’t a love affair with pizza?!?!) and ability to always find trouble in the form of anything from petty criminals to alien invaders, made for hours of Saturday morning entertainment!


These awesome kicks feature each of the four Ninja turtles and are unique to their characters.


Leonardo, as the FEARLESS leader, lives and breathes the art of Ninjitsu. He aspires to be the perfect leader but still needs to build up his also doesn’t help he has three rowdy brothers to keep in line! His pair features splatters of ooze strategically placed around blue laces. These are also the only pair that doesn’t seem to feature the face on the front but rather as a fun patch on the side with COWABUNGA next to it! SO GOOD.


Donatello, or the BRAINS of the group, is always found fiddling with some sort of gadget or cracking some computer code. While sometimes he loses his cool when trying to explain something to his brothers, he is the one making sure they are all outfitted in the coolest of devices!


Raphael, known as the MUSCLE of the boys, has a sensitive side when he is with his pet turtle Spike and secret fear of cockroaches. He does have a temper, so make sure you don’t get into a brawl with him!


My personal favorite would have to be Michelangelo or..THE WILD ONE! Aside from his choice of the nun chucks (my favorite weapon to learn in Tae Kwon Do, he was the one that brought the funny while kicking some SERIOUS Kraang ass. Anyone for a pepperoni milkshake?

Make sure you pick up a pair of these sweet boots for yourself before they are all gobbled up here! Also the cursor is a pizza slice.

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