Ok so we started thinking over some things here at Aggressive Comix. We know people who work close to this project and anytime we asked reboot or sequel they always said can’t say. To me that makes it seem fishy. In addition to that why in the opening sequence would you credit the original team if this is simply a reboot?

Not only that Dan Akroyd might have just confirmed these suspicions with his most recent of Tweets.

So I decided to dig through this trailer a little deeper and here is what I have established. I still know zero! BUT there are hints that this could in fact be a sequel or at least an alternate dimension type of thing. Here is why.

So any real Ghostbuster fan knows that the Real Ghostbusters actually was the continuation gap between Ghostbusters 1 and 2. So if they take a cue from that and make it still a continuation then it could be that the firehouse after Ghostbusters disbanded just became a science research facility that Egon put together and his daughter or niece now works there. In addition to that if they go based on the cartoon they hair style between the two is hauntingly similar. Plus they are both awkward super nerds who are extremely gifted with their tech gear.

Inside the original Firehouse



In addition to that someone CLEARLY was watching the old cartoons when making this film based on this scene was straight up from the cartoon.


Plus we still have slimmer aka the ghost of John Belushi. Also we know all the old busters are making a cameo in this film to some degree.

I guess time will officially tell. But if that is the case my hate for this film will reduce. It might still end up being a giant turd but I will be less angered by the fact they feel the need to reboot the classic franchise instead of just continuing the famous story.

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