It would seem that scientist will do anything in the name of research and the search for knowledge! Harvard biologist Piotr Naskrecki recently discovered and allowed maggots to utilize his body as host.

When Naskrecki traveled to Belize in 2014, he found himself the home for these “human botflies” or Dermatobia hominis that made its way into his body thanks to some well-placed mosquito bites.

Because insects are so tiny, they are able to lay their eggs on top of mosquitos that then transfer the eggs into the flesh when the bloodsucker lands to imbibe on your delicious ruby fluids.

Once Naskrecki discovered he was the “nest” for these baby botflies, he carefully extracted the larvae from his skin. Upon discovering two other insect babies, he decided to allow them to continue their life cycle for the next two months. Naskrecki said

Watch the entire disgustingly fascinating process below as the little botfly emerges from Naskrecki’s wound as a…BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY…or really squishy yellow maggot. The process itself, as Naskrecki states in his video, is not painful as the insect is kind enough to release painkillers to prevent its host from noticing it emerging and takes about 40 minutes.

Yum, make sure you have a snack handy because it sure does make you hungry afterwards.

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