Recently there has been much news about the upcoming Hellboy remake directed by Neil Marshall which will start shooting next month. First there was Hellboy creator Mike Mignola discussing the upcoming film where he discusses the new movie and his position within it. He compared it to the previous movies by Guillermo del Toro and said that although he enjoyed working on those films, the new film is closer to the vision of what he imagined Hellboy to be. He also revealed that the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense aka the BPRD will also be featured in the film. Second, a list of the characters who will comprise the BPRD has been revealed rounding out the cast of David Harbour as Hellboy, Ian McShane as Professor Broom and Mila Jovich as The Blood Queen, the film’s villain.

According to Slash Report, the cast of the BPRD are Abe Sapien, Alice Monaghan and Major Ben Daimio.

People will remember Abe Sapien, the humanoid amphibious man discovered in a secret chamber in Washington D.C. with no record to his identity but the phrase Ichthyo sapien and April 14, 1865 which is the day President Abraham Lincoln died. A member of the Bureau since his discovery, he was first featured in Hellboy: Seed of Destruction and has been a prominent figure in their investigation of the strange and supernatural. Many will also remember him memorably portrayed by creature actor Doug Jones where he played an intellectual, socially awkward friend and voice of reason to Ron Pearlman’s gruff Hellboy. Who will be playing the character and how his relationship with Hellboy will be portrayed has yet to be revealed. Major Ben Daimo was a former Marine who encountered a great and horrible monster on a rescue mission. The encounter killed him and yet he was mysteriously resurrected with nothing to show but three scars across his face. The unusual circumstances of his new life would have him join the BPRD where they would later find the monster that he had encountered those many years ago had lay dormant within until it attempted to assert dominance. Perhaps this is the “cool transformation” they reference in this list. They have recently announced Deadpool actor Ed Skrein will be portraying the character which is already having mixed reactions with fans and critics.

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Alice Monaghan who will be portrayed by American Honey actress Sasha Lane is reported to be Hellboy’s love interest but also someone who can hear dead people. Although what exactly a “Spirit Wrack” and how it assists her in the BPRD, her place in the BPRD is an interesting casting choice. Some will remember the previous romance with pyrokinetic Liz Sherman played by Selma Blair in the Del Toro movies. One notable difference between the two romances is his romance with Alice is actually cannon with the Dark Horse comics and more importantly, she inadvertadely is responsible for the rise of the Blood Queen. Alice Monaghan is introduced in Hellboy: The Corpse as a child who was replaced by a fairy whose name was Guragach. Hellboy was called in to investigate the matter and return the child which he bartered with the King of Fairies to do so. When he completed the task, a matter of finding a proper resting place for a corpse, the child is returned but events are set in motion that night which would have serious reprecussions for Hellboy and the world.

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Years later during Hellboy: The Wild Hunt, he would run into Alice Monaghan whose time spent with fairies had slowed her aging and given her particular clarity into supernatural matters. The creature Guragach whose attempt for revenge against Hellboy had backfired still desired vengeance and sought the means to resurrect Nimue also known as the Queen of Blood, a former protégé of Merlin and one of the most powerful witches in all of England. Her resurrection would lead to a reformation of her army and her ascension to the Goddess of War while revealing her obsession with the Ogdru Hem, ancient creatures of undefinable horror and power whose arrival heralds the end of the world. Her only opposition would be the returning knights of England lead by King Arthur and his famous sword Excalibur with Hellboy’s position able to tip the scales in either favor.

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It has been listed that King Arthur, his legendary sorcerer Merlin and Guragach will also be featured in the film so will the film be following the comic’s storyline or working with a new story with borrowed elements from this rich mythology? Time will tell but either way, I can’t wait for a Helltrailer.



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