What’s all the hullabaloo about Hullabaloo?!


While traditional animation (or 2-D) is not dead, it is just not as prevalent in mainstream culture as current American animated films. We currently have absolutely breath-taking CGI works from Pixar, Dreamworks, and Disney (to name the big guys) that add a dimension of life that are pure masterpieces. I mean, have you ever just sat there and examined how amazing water looks?! However, there is just no denying the nostalgia and eloquent nature hand-drawn animations bring to the table. This is not to say that one is better than the other, however, there is a simple beauty to hand-drawn works of art that has been lacking in our theaters. Without 2-D animation, the computer-generated art created for many popular films would not have a place to begin. It is also through 2-D we literally see and feel emotions translated from the human hand onto paper. Turns out, many Disney veterans feel the same way and have gathered to try and keep that culture alive in motion pictures.


Hullabaloo is a 2-D steampunk, animated film that brings together the talents of James Lopez, Rick Farmiloe, Minkyu Lee and other Disney animators that features Victoria Darling, an extremely intelligent young scientist who has recently returned home from finishing school, only to find her inventor father, Jonathan Darling, missing. The only clues Victoria has in regards to her father’s location points to an old abandoned amusement park called Daring Adventures that was Mr. Darling’s test area for his steam-powered inventions. When she arrives, Victoria finds Jules who is an inventor as well but also with strange origins. Jules aids Victoria in the search for her father and all the nefarious secrets they unravel in Jonathan Darling’s kidnapping.

Why is this project so exciting?

Aside from helping to bring more attention to the rapidly declining use of 2-D animations, the secondary goal of Hullabaloo is to create interest in science and technology for young girls by presenting two strong female protagonists who are both talented engineers/inventors. We need more women in those traditionally male-dominated fields!!


There are 9 days left of their Indiegogo campaign and while their goal of $80,000 has already been reached by 403%, please continue to contribute as the money will be used for future productions of this nature and also when it reaches the $340,000 mark, the creators will be add a fourth short film titled Ask the Professor. Check out the neat budget pie chart the head honchos so helpfully added to get a break down of just how the money will be used! If you cannot donate, please share this awesome project with everyone you know!



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