Who would have thought that Rubies Costumes would be experts in the world of home decor? Turns out they have just the thing every home needs. What is that you may ask? Well, it is none other then this freaking sweet piece of 3-D wall art, featuring the Incredible Hulk busting through the wall!

Long before he was smashing up Loki and Ultron in The Avengers films, and even before Bill Bixby hitchhiked down the country roads to ” the lonely man theme”, The Incredible Hulk has been gracing the pages of Marvel Comics. He was first created in 1962 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby; Lee and Kirby were inspired by the famed tale of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and with a little bit of Frankenstein’s monster thrown into the mix. In his first appearance, Doctor Bruce Banner was a scientist working on ¬†gamma bomb. Upon noticing a teenager in the bomb’s testing zone, he selflessly rushed to save the young man’s life. However, in doing so, he was exposed to a heavy dose of gamma radiation and his genes became altered on the cellular level. This incident coupled with a terribly traumatic childhood caused Banner to transform into a powerful, green (originally gray) monster of pure, boundless rage, when in times of emotional stress.

Hulk has always been my favorite Avenger and I can’t think of anything I would rather hang up in my house more than this Hulk “wall breaker”. Ok, except maybe Tommy’s mom’s painting from Goodfellas, but I digress. This piece is as cool as it gets! Check out the Incredible Hulk, “Hulk smashing” his way through your wall like the green goliath he is! It would be the perfect addition to spruce up your study, “fan cave”, comic book library, or hell, even hang it in your bedroom! You know Hulk likes to watch right? (Wink wink) Pricing on this item is $189.99, with free shipping. You can get one for yourself here from the fine folks at Entertainment Earth.com.

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