20th Century Fox is not only hoping to make a successful sequel to it’s hugely successful 1996 film Independence Day but hoping to kick off a trilogy of films. While my brain is still having a hard time processing that they’re actually making this film, we’re starting to get visual confirmation that the movie will be a reality.

Check out this promotional art pieceĀ Collider took a snap shot of at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas:


It’s fairly innocuous and calls back to the original ID4 poster but there’s two things I noticed straight away. First is that it’s called Independence Day 2 instead of Independence Day Forever which is a name that has been thrown around a lot. The other thing is that I’ve seen this poster before and some digging around revealed this Deviant Art fan poster from 2013.


Hey, it’s a fan poster and maybe a designer for Fox liked that idea. It’s not entirely original so maybe they both came up with the design independently but either way, I like it and it harkens back to the original film.

The only question now is whether they’ll be able to wow us with Independence Day 2 like they did 20 years ago?

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