From Surreal Entertainment and Marvel, comes this delightful Infinity Gauntlet mug. Now you have a excuse to roll out of bed like a “Mad Titan”.

The Infinity Gauntlet is arguably the most powerful weapon in the entire Marvel Universe. It was designed by Thanos, to hold all six of the Infinity Gems; Time, Space, Mind, Power, Reality, and Soul. Combined, these gems, which are extremely powerful on their own, turn whoever wields them into a god. Armed with such a formidable weapon, Thanos planned to eradicate half of the entire universe’s lifeforms. He was tasked with this mission by the entity known as Death, who believed that there was a immense imbalance in the universe between living and dead. Since Thanos was in love with Death and often fought for her affection, he gladly wielded the Infinity Gauntlet as Death’s champion.

Who doesn’t want to suck down a nice “cup o joe” out of the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe?! With this exclusive Infinity Gauntlet mug, the day is yours to seize, as well as the entire universe. This 16 oz mug is a perfect representation of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. It is encrusted with all six of the powerful Infinity Gems, which shine brilliantly in the morning light, as you sit upon your rocket throne, drinking your latte, and musing over who to vaporize into ash today. The mug is made of molded ceramic and is recommended to be hand washed only. It is not dishwasher or microwave ┬ásafe; also keep it away from Nebula, she is just going to mess up and undo all your beautiful handiwork! This epic mug can be yours for the low price of $15.99, before shipping and handling. Remember that this piece is an exclusive that can only be purchased directly from our friends over at Entertainment Earth. Click the link here to grab one now, because this is a must have for every Marvel fan!

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