I’m not sure if anyone remembers Richard III (he only reigned from 1483-85) but he was one of the last English kings to die during battle. Scientists have recently released their forensic analysis on Richard’s body, which archeologists discovered in 2012. Little was known about the circumstances around his death aside from Richie losing his horse to the marshes and was then probably vanquished by Henry Tudor’s knights.

His body was later handed over to local monks and subsequently buried in a random grave, which just happened to a parking lot in Leichester. Medical researchers and scientists have since reached these conclusive facts about the life of Richard III and also how he died.


Richard had enjoyed the finer things in life and that love did not diminish once he was crowned. They examined different isotope levels of the king’s skeletal remains, finding that his oxygen isotopes were more lacking, suggesting he was definitely not drinking too much water. Given his wealth…


Shakespeare also incorrectly described the monarch as a “bunchback’d toad.” Upon examining his spine, it was found Richard had severe scoliosis indicated by the twist instead of hunch in his back.

‘Ello Luv!

The man had worms, and still went into battle. Roundworms were found around his pelvis, suggesting he may have needed an intestinal bug exterminator. It might also explain why he started enjoying his meals a little more.

There were eleven wounds Richard received prior to his death, including three potential quick death blows. It was likely that the king was wearing his armor but had somehow lost his helmet.

What the King might have been sporting during the two-hour battle in Bostworth Field:

What the King might have been sporting - Velour armor fashion week '85
Velour armor Fashion Week through the 15th century

If you are curious and want to shift through the skeletal analysis, you can find it here.

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