It’s not ALL Disney-Marvel Studios-Star Wars news this weekend, as [confirmed?] reports are surfacing that the role of King Shark in the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures film “The Suicide Squad” from writer/director James Gunn has been filled.

According to Deadline, comedian Steve Agee will be voicing the DC Comics character in the upcoming film, a sequel-yet-reboot of David Ayers’ “Suicide Squad” from 2016.

Agee has already worked with Gunn in a superhero film, as he portrayed Ravager Gef in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” and this sort of makes us believe this casting to be true.

Last we heard, rumor was that longtime Gunn collaborator Michael Rooker was the favorite for the finned super villain.

The character already appears in the DC universe, albeit in The CW’s “Arrowverse” on “The Flash,” voiced by David Hayter.

We’ll of course let you know what we hear about additional casting bits for this and other notable flicks.

“The Suicide Squad” currently has a set release date of August 6th 2021 from Warner Bros. Pictures.

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