While this topic is still pretty deep in rumor territory, it would appear that multiple sites and sources are calling this a done deal.  Man Of Steel Writer/producer David S. Goyer MAY be working on a television series about the home planet of the House of El before the great cataclysm.  Which would be interesting, because this would be another DC title getting the TV greenlight.

Hey David S. Goyer, what're you thinkin' about? "I dunno, Kryptonian stuff."
Hey David S. Goyer, what’re you thinkin’ about?
“I dunno, Kryptonian stuff.”

I, as someone who really liked Man Of Steel, think this is an awesome idea.  The world of Krypton was so well designed, the use of animal inhabitants and plant life were something we’ve not seen in previous cinematic Superman stories.  The main ‘breaking’ of this story comes from Bleeding Cool, who say they were the first breakers of many rumored TV series stories, now ‘confirmed’ to be true.  And mostly, that’s accurate.  Even though they’re using some of my Caprica puns.  -.-

Goyer will have his hands full, with the return of his award winning series for Starz network, Da Vinci’s Demons and Black Sails, as well as numerous yet unnamed projects in the works.  I would love to see Russell Crowe reprise his role as Jor-El, and see the early Kandorian wars with General Zod maybe, seeing the two younger men building their failed friendship from the beginning. This might also mean a continued partnership with Goyer and his go-to television compatriots including TallShips Productions and maybe-possibly-that-one-Emmy-winning-composer guy.

Hopefully this rumor will turn out to be true, and we’ll get more dragonfly lizard things, as well as Dubstep Monsters.

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