Our friends over at Living Dead Clothing have just announced their newest line. And it follows the one character everyone would love to get back from Sony! That’s right folks everyone’s favorite Spider and NO I am NOT talking about Itsy Bitsy! I am talking about Peter Parker himself Spider-Man!

The Clothing Line includes some great prints that showcase not only a Spider-Man inspired line but also Venom!

The line is now live! Almost too perfectly fitting with the announcement that Marvel now has Spider-Man back in their life!… Fox take note of how this is done!

The upcoming Spider-man collection is the third produced by Living Dead Clothing with their world exclusive Marvel licence after highly successful Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy collections.

Living Dead Clothing’s owner Wade Lange:

“Spider-man is a timeless classic with a huge world-wide following. Our highest priority is, and always has been, giving our customers clothes they will love and cherish and I’m sure that will happen with this collection. They’ve grown up reading or watching Spider-man and now have the opportunity to wear it too which I know they will love.”

The collection includes skater, princess and bodycon dresses, crop tops and skater skirts, leggings, swims and rainmakers all with vibrant recognizable artwork.
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