The scruffy not so short Wolverine of the X-Men cinematic universe is back in this third and final solo film installment, Logan.  Hugh Jackman dons the claws and adamantium skeleton for what promises to be a different film than we’re used to.

Today, 20th Century Fox released a new trailer for the film, proving again that since Deadpool, they’re not afraid to go gritty and put cursing in their trailers:

It was a hotly debated topic about the young girl in the film, if she was or was not X-23, and obviously from this trailer, we have our answer.  This is why I never listen to the directors when they say “Oh, no, Marion Collard isn’t Talia al Ghul” *cough* Nolan *cough*, or “No, Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t Khan” *cough* JJ *cough* type of bs they think will make the audience more surprised at the reveal.

If you didn’t see the first trailer cut to Johnny Cash’s cover of NIN’s “Hurt”, here you go:

The inclusion of the X-Men comics and Logan’s quote of “some of it happened, but not like this” is brilliant, and makes me cautiously optimistic this film might be at the very least good.  The inclusion of Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) also peaks my interest.

We do know the plan for the next X-Men movie includes one Mr. Nathaniel Essex, otherwise known as Mister Sinister, and perhaps this film will tie into that storyline with him being the person hunting X-23.  Only time will tell.

Dafne Keen, the young actress donning the double claws of Laura Kinney/X-23, has only previously done television, but from the trailers, she appears to be a natural.  Thank goodness for Stranger Things, leading studios to be less afraid of putting young ladies in strong leading kickass roles like this.  Hopefully that trend will continue.

Logan opens worldwide on March 1rd, 2017.

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