I’ll admit, I’m not looking forward to this show since whit it seems like they did was take an phenomenal comic book series (Lucifer) based on one of the finest pieces of graphic literature (The Sandman) and turned it into a police procedural.

I’m going to take a deep breath and give them the benefit of the doubt but I won’t be holding my breath for an amazing television series.

11:33am – They’re going to show the whole pilot for the show.

12:19pm – Surprisingly good television pilot. The procedural elements would have easily sunk the series but Tom Ellis as Lucifer saves this show– his performance is hilarious and I could watch him read a phone book. It also lays some pipe for the more fantastical aspects, I’m surprisingly intrigued.

12:20pm – Showrunner Joe Henderson, Len Wiseman director, Tom Ellis as Lucifer, Lauren German as Detective Chloe Dance, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze, D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel, and Executive Producer Kristie Anne Reed have been brought on to the stage.

12:27pm – Lesley-Ann Brandt brings up that her character Maze is unhappy on Earth because she was expecting to bring a little hell-on-Earth when she travelled here.

12:29pm – When asked what’s coming up, Joe Henderson just told us the thematic idea behind the show “if the devil can be redeemed then so can the rest of us.”

Final Thoughts – I wasn’t expecting my mind to be changed on this show but while I still see it as another boring procedural, the show does have potential and Tom Ellis is fantastic. I’m hoping the procedural elements are just a way to hook the casual viewer before they explore a more serialized story.

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