This is it M.A.S.K. fans, no illusions here!  For the FIRST TIME EVER this July, at San Diego Comic-Con, the original voice cast will be reunited to celebrate the return of M.A.S.K! That includes:

  • Doug Stone – Voice of Matt Trakker, Bruce Sato, Dusty Hayes, Hondo MacLean, Boris Bushkin, Maximus Mayhem, Bruno Shepeard & Nash Gorey
  • Brendan McKane – Voice of Miles Mayhem, Alex Sector, Floyd Malloy, Jacques LaFleur & Nevada Rushmore
  • Sharon Noble – Voice of Gloria Baker, Vanessa Warfield & M.A.S.K. Computer
  • Mark Halloran – Voice of Sly Rax, Buddie Hawks, Cliff Dagger, Ace Riker & Duane Kennedy


Bill Higa, organizer of the event, was fortunate enough to be introduced to Doug Stone, the voice of Matt Trakker awhile back and they got to talking about how great a reunion would be.

Doug had stayed very close with several of the other voice actors and when Hasbro, Paramount and IDW announced the re-launch of M.A.S.K., that is when Bill thought why not try and make this happen for the fans at the biggest and best location possible…SDCC!

The cast will have at least two 1-hour long signings at the Zoomies/Club 408 Graphics booth on the show floor. We will have several SDCC exclusive 8x10s for sale of each cast member, one or two of Doug and Brendan facing off and at least one group photo of the cast. You can buy these and get them signed in person at the event. In addition, we are offering custom voice mail message recordings and fans can also bring their favorite M.A.S.K. items to get signed and personalized.

Saturday evening after the show floor closes, there will be the M.A.S.K. 31st Anniversary Cast Reunion Panel held at the convention center. Here fans hear from the actors, ask questions and get answers they’ve been dying to hear.

We had a chance to talk with the organizer of the event Bill Higa and this is what he had to say:

Basically M.A.S.K. has been my all time favorite cartoon since I was five years old.

From the EPIC theme song that you can never get out of your head, to the awesome character and vehicle designs and lets not forget the toy line that just had so much play appeal, I feel in love and the admiration has only grown stronger as Ive gotten older.

I have a very extensive collection, including several sealed items from my childhood. Ive even created almost every character from both the M.A.S.K. and V.EN.O.M. teams in 3 3/4 scale with custom sculpts and paint.

Now for those fans around the world that cant attend SDCC, we are offering two unique ways to still take part.

The first is we are allowing fans to send in items to our team to get signed for them and sent back. All items must be received no later than July 11th, 2016. For fans wanting to know more about this option, they can email Bill at

The second for all of the M.A.S.K. fans around the world unable to attend SDCC, they do not want you to miss out on this truly epic event and that is why they have launching this Kickstarter project.

With a little help from the amazing global community of M.A.S.K. fans, they can make this reunion open to everyone around the world having put together some amazing rewards for all the backers, from custom messages for your voicemail to signed photos and merchandise. The backer levels are being kept to a very low price as possible in order to allow as many of you M.A.S.K. fans to participate.

The best part, they are able to offer a few EXCLUSIVE rewards only available to the Kickstarter backers including Custom, Life-size, 1:1 Scale replicas of both Matt Trakker’s Spectrum Mask and Miles Mayhem’s Viper Mask, both signed by the voice actors themselves!  This is something that has never been offered anywhere until now!

This is a project 31 years in the making and to be able to offer this to you, the fans of M.A.S.K. around the world, is an honor and with all of your support

For more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bill Higa at

Those lucky enough to be attending SDCC are already excited to meet the cast, lets make all the other M.A.S.K. fans around the world feel like they are a part of the 31st Anniversary M.A.S.K. Voice Cast Reunion as well!

Risks and challenges

The only real challenge that needs to be met with this project is hitting the funding goal. Our team and rewards are in place and just need to secure the funds required to cover the logistics of getting these rewards signed and shipped to the fans, which is why we’ve also been able to keep the funding goal so low!

As long as M.A.S.K. fans come together across the globe, this project will be a success. Again, all rewards are already in place, which means rewards will be in the hands of our awesome backers by the projected delivery date of October 2016, if not sooner.

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