I personally have seen Mad Max: Fury Road in the theater 4 times now, and am making plans to see it again.  With many rewatches, I keep expecting something to suddenly jump out as poorly done, some plothole, SOMETHING. But, I can’t find anything.  The action is still as awesome, the spectacle as exciting and blood boiling.

So of course, the best news for those of us already wanting more of the new Max are beside ourselves with glee after a certain this.  Director George Miller joined twitter, and this was his first tweet:


Needless to say, that statement had the fans fueling up the war-rigs.   Miller had this to say on the Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith(via The Playlist) podcast, where he talked about Fury Road and its potential sequels:

“We’ve got one screenplay [for the second film] and a novella [for the third]. It happened because with the delays [on ‘Fury Road’], and writing all the backstories, they just expanded. [The second one] is called The Wasteland. Mad Max: The Wasteland“.

The fact that they’re going to call the film Wasteland tells me how intune Miller is with his target audiences.  I assume you’ve heard about Burning Man, the big giant arts festival in the Black Rock Desert every summer, but do you know about Wasteland Weekend?  Fans of the original Max series build a post apocalyptic township out in the middle of the sands, with their giant contraptions of cars and Bartertown rules.  There’s even an Atomic Cafe, guys.  So in my mind, Miller is saying thanks to the fans who have kept a 30 year old franchise alive.

I’m both excited and leery, Fury Road had a ridiculous amount of post-production time allowing the finished product to be polished.  So many of the big studio productions right now are filming over a single summer, and the feature gets released the following year, with the resulting film suffering.  Maybe that’s just me, but I am more willing to wait an extra year for a better film.  It could be fantastic, it could suffer from the pressures of needing to supply the massies with more guzzeline.

My mind is still stuck on the notion that in 2010, Miller was going to be making a Justice League movie.  A FRAKKING JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE.  How amazing would that have been if Fury Road is any indication?  I would do unmentionable things to know how his Wonder Woman would have dealt with the JLA when the boys were being stupid.

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