Marvel Legends figures are coming out more and more frequently these days, in all kinds of main lines and sub lines. This year, Marvel is celebrating their 80th anniversary, and Hasbro is helping out with the celebration by releasing a bunch of special two packs and vintage style cardback releases. Hasbro was kind enough to send over a selection of the figures for us to show you, so let’s dig in and take a look at some of what you can pick up on the pegs right now.

I love the packaging they are using for these. The Marvel Legends two packs feature giant window box packaging that features the figures in all their glory, while the single pack figures feature amazing Alex Ross artwork. For the X-Men wave of cardbacks, they brought back the classic Toy Biz cardbacks. It all adds up to figures that MOC collectors can really sink their teeth into and make a strong, solid case for leaving these unopened.

We open our toys around here however, so let’s look at the figures. Starting with Iron Man, right off the bat you can tell these are not your standard Marvel Legends figure. This one comes packed full of interchangeable hands, blast effects, and three heads. That is where this figure really shines, these are probably the three best Iron Man head sculpts we have ever gotten, especially that Tony Stark head. The paint aps are perfect, and the figure poses really well, no issues there either. I can honestly say this is the best Iron Man in the line.

Next up, the latest Retro Carded figures, this series all based on the X-Men. Some of these long requested versions of these characters, including a further expansion of the 90’s team with Iceman and Storm. Storm especially has been a hot commodity, commanding a high price on the aftermarket. With good reason, who doesn’t picture Storm in this attire? I wish her cape was attached a little better than a thin strap of fabric at the wrist, but that is a minor quibble. Iceman is sturdier than his previous releases, which is great because that was a huge issue before. Dazzler is an upgrade over her previous release and those disastrous roller skate feet. Patch is just as great as every other Wolverine figure released in the last 2 years. Silver Samurai is a towering figure, and the optic blast effects included with Cyclops make it probably the best possible version of Scott as well. This is a great wave of figures all-around.

Finally, a Marvel Legends two pack that may of us have always wanted- a tribute to Incredible Hulk #181, the first appearance of Wolverine. We get a figure of that original Logan suit here, and it is a welcome addition to the collection. One would be forgiven for not wanting to spend on yet another version of Logan, but you should. They completely nailed his look from the issue, and that makes this one more unique than usual. Other than that, it is your standard Wolverine Marvel Legends figure. The real standout in this pack is the Hulk. I have been excited for this figure for months, and it does not disappoint. Ultra poseable, even with how bulky he is, and colored perfectly. The shirt included drapes really well on his shoulders, and  looks awesome. I love how he is strong enough to hold a figure up in his hand, and the scale is perfect. This is also my favorite Hulk in the line.

Which I said a lot here. These figures are some of the best of this latest boom of Marvel Legends, and fitting tributes to the 80th anniversary of Marvel. You can find all of these in stores now, or order some for yourself right here.

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