Marvel Legends role play items have been a huge hit with collectors since being introduced a couple years ago. Until now, most of the offerings have been on the MCU side, but now Hasbro is branching out into the wider Marvel spectrum. Now available in stores and online, the Marvel GamerVerse Future Fight Punisher helmet is the latest release in the line. We got our hands on one, so let’s take a look at it and see if it is a worthy addition to the line and our collections.

The Punisher helmet comes in the standard Marvel Legends role play box, and once removed it has a sleek look to it. This is of course based on the Punisher helmet he wears in the game, with the skull on the front of his War Machine armor. One thing that I really enjoy about this one is that they added a bit more weathering than they have in previous releases. All the others have been clean and delicate looking, this one feels like it has seen some action.

The faceplate comes off this one, just like the Iron Man one before this. This is a very easy process as well, it is just connected by magnets. My main issues with this helmet however have nothing to do with the cosmetic side. Once you adjust the inside gear so that it fits your head, it is very difficult to keep the back part of the helmet together. It wants to force apart, and it does to the touch. And while the red glowing eyes are a cool visual, it is not a very fun experience to look through. There are three settings for the eyes to help you adjust, but the one that works the best is the one a step above having them off.

It is a comfortable fit, and there are no parts that dig into your head anywhere or anything like that. The helmet has less bounce when on your head, unlike a couple of the other Marvel Legends role play releases. It feels really cool to detach the faceplate when it is on your head too, you can almost feel like you are in an MCU scene standing there.

Overall, I would say this is a great display piece. I can see it looking quite good on a shelf along with the other excellent releases they have made in this line. Is it a practical role play item though? I would say no. There are too many issues with the back of the helmet staying together and that red eye problem would be very annoying at a con if you were walking around with this one.

If you want to add this to your own Marvel Legends role play collection, you can do so here.

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