Twenty-five years ago, on December 17th, 1987, the Blue Bomber made a name for himself, as the first Megaman game was released. The classic action-platformer is asking its fans to join in on the celebration today, as Capcom releases a free fan-made indie game to commemorate its quarter-centennial fête.

The story begins when an avid Megaman fan named Zong Hui attended the Evo 2012 gaming tournament. He made his way to the Capcom booth with his laptop in hand and set it down in front of Christian Svensson, the SVP of consumer software at Capcom USA. He wanted to show Svensson a project he was currently working on. As the build of this demo game loaded, it was revealed to be a classic 8-bit Megaman game—one that used Street Fighter characters as bosses.

Street Fighter X Megaman launched today—retro enthusiasts rejoice!

The game stays true to the physics and gameplay of the original Megaman classic series. The levels are impeccably designed, the boss AIs work well, and, best of all, it’s a cross over game! Staying true to both games, SFXM brings back the game we are all familiar with. The Street Fighter bosses play just like they would in a real Street Fighter game and the new weapon enhancements will put a smile on whomever plays this game.

Enough reading, you can download the game for free right  HERE.

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