2886504-aprilBlasphemy? Perhaps. Yet the infamously controversial Michael Bay produced Ninja Turtles, exchanging the TM for ET, just got a bit more questionable. Considering the rather public falling out between Bay and Fox that resulted in her omission from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, it comes as something of a shock to hear of their apparent reuniting. According to numerous sources – HERE – and Bay’s website – HERE – …the clubbed-thumb starlet has supposedly been cast in a role that’s safely assumed to be the banana suit wearing news reporter April O’Neil. Being the human confidant and direct connection to the non-sewer dwelling world of the Renaissance moniker-ed mutants (or…ah…former mutants), she first debut in 1984’s second issue of the far more mature Eastman and Laird Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic. Expecting some explosive backlash rivaling Bay pyrotechnics…does this spell even more doom on a half-shell for the already fan out-raged reboot? This reeks of hoax more than Shia Labeouf dawning the hockey mask of Casey Jones…yet stoking nightmare-fuel…you’re not asleep and it’s apparently legit. It would seem Bay’s crusade to scar all the nostalgia of 80’s children is regrettably on-going.  If you’re feeling anything like I am…you could use a drink.

UPDATE: Megan Fox has officially been confirmed by Vanity to be playing April – HERE

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