Nostalgia abounds within all of our lives recently, and are you really that surprised? Godzilla, Star Wars, Final Fantasy 7, and now Metal Gear Solid may get a shiny new remake. Can you really resist? Probably not.

Creator Airam Hernandez has decided to rebuild Metal Gear Solid with some new subtext: Shadow Moses. Shadow Moses attempts to be a full fledged fan remake of Metal Gear Solid built in Unreal Engine 4. The first video footage of the project has been released, and it’s looking amazing.

Metal Gear Solid was remastered for GameCube, as Twin Snakes but it’s been a long while since that piece of now-ancient tech has been relevant. We know that Metal Gear will continue without Hideo Kojima however a Konami representative replied “no comment” to the news so it seems like a lot is up in the air….but let the trailer below speak for itself.


If you’d like to follow Hernandez’s progress and check out screenshots and other assets, you can check out the Shadow Moses Facebook page while you wait and hope that this amazing remake falls into your hands in the future to come.

For more news on Shadow Moses and other gaming news, stay tuned.

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