If you watched Ant-Man over the weekend, you know that Janet Van Dyne made a brief cameo appearance in the film as The Wasp. I won’t spoil what happened to her in the film but suffice it to say, the door has been left open for her to return in the next film even though the character hasn’t been cast.

In an interview with MTV, Michael Douglas who plays the original Ant-Man Hank Pym, revealed his casting choice for Janet Van Dyne saying:

Catherine Zeta-Jones. Wouldn’t be a bad idea. Remember her in Entrapment? You know, she’s pretty good at all that stuff. Then it would call for me to put on all that CGI, where I get twenty-five years younger. So I can go back and put on the Ant-Man suit. I’d be happy at this point to be in another Ant-Man. Or even if Hope goes to be The Wasp, my kid, or Catherine, who knows.

You can check out the video here followed by possible spoilers ahead!

This is actually a pretty fantastic idea and Zeta-Jones is Douglas’ wife in real life, and is 25 years his junior. Considering that Hank Pym left S.H.I.E.L.D. 26 years before the events of this movie and, I would guess, just after he lost his wife who disappeared into a subatomic quantum realm that would put her and Douglas around the same age as members of the spy organization. Since time and space doesn’t work the same in the quantum realm, her trip there and back may seem instantaneous to her but be a quarter of a century to Hank Pym.

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