microsoftlogo610-1According to the Wall Street Journal, sources close to Microsoft have confirmed the company is hard at work on the devices, which are planned to work with the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The paper says through multiple sources that the company is working on a VR headset, and Microsoft has already filed patents mentioning virtual reality tech.

Sony is apparently also expected to unveil its VR headset for PlayStation 4 at GDC this year.

If you’ve been following gaming and tech hype, must have seen the Oculus Rift (featured above) and the VR that it has to offer. I’ve even seen a fully recreated Zelda level being played out through the technology. Can Microsoft and Sony break into the same technology with something to add? What do you think the price will be?

I’d venture as far as to say that it’ll definitely cost over $200. A controller for each console is already going to run you about 70 bucks and to put technology like this in the hands of every console owner is gong to be pricey…at the same time…it’s not a stand alone console. Its the equivalent of buying another monitor for your computer only….much….much more awesome. But I strongly doubt that people are going to want to shell out $500 bucks for something that’s just  companion to the system.

And why on earth would Microsoft develop it for $360 if it wasn’t going to make it affordable? Now that Valve has already partnered with the Oculus Rift…what do Microsoft and Sony have to offer? Who’s going to step into the line of fire first?

We’ll just have to wait and see…

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