This is a breaking story, and we’re learning more, so check back for updates! It sounds like the upcoming reboot of “Mortal Kombat” live-action movie just cast their Sub-Zero!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joe Taslim will be taking on the mantle of the cold-natured (ha!) warrior in the upcoming film.

Aquaman director James Wan will be producing a new film adaptation of Mortal Kombat.

First-time filmmaker Simon McQuoid will direct the new film, as announced by Premier of South Australia Steven Marshall, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“I’m really happy and excited to be bringing another show back to Australia with Mortal Kombat, especially after having such a great experience filming Aquaman,” said Wan in a statement. “Now we get to experience South Australia with its scenic locations and a wealth of artistic talent to work with. It will be perfectly suited for this fantasy-action project.”

Early reports have the film with a scheduled release date of March 5th 2021.

While we’re waiting for more updates on the “Mortal Kombat” reboot, why not try one of Secret of the Booze’s 21+ Sub-Zero vs Scorpion shots?

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