So I recently purchased a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer in the most obnoxious shade of blue. It had taken me three whole weeks to come up with a clever name for it, but the one morning as I was hanging a Star Wars air freshener up I realized, “This is R2 D2 in car form.” It seriously does everything, including talks to me. I’m just thankful to not have an annoying gold car following it. Anyways I decided that being an adult and all (sort of) that I should splurge on some fun vanity plates. “R2 D2” was restricted for some reason so I went with this…

I started thinking about it and realized I have seen some funny and amazing ideas for plates. So here are a few of my favorites!

I know there are many more out there! If you have a nerdy or hilarious plate please share it on our Facebook page! Also, have some fun browsing and voting on plates at

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