10922707_10153475928800579_7805089602192465623_nAre you reading this before Wednesday, May 13th? Do you plan to attend New York Comic Con this year?! Good for you – you’ve come to the right place.

Tomorrow NYCC 2015 Tickets go on sale at 12:00 PM EDT.

Below is EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about how to purchase your tickets if you plan to order them online. Now last year (link to why fans turned into an angry mob) was a complete and utter fiasco. People sat in que for a full hour only to find that tickets were sold out within the first TEN TO THIRTY MINUTES. Will this year be different?…who knows. But good ol’ NYCC is doing their que thing again. Here’s some answers to what, I’m sure, are many of your questions.

How does this queue thing work?

We use the queue to make sure that tickets are sold in an orderly and fair way. Customers enter the queue in the order in which they arrive after tickets go on sale. When you are placed in the queue, a unique cookie identifies you and allows us to hold your place in line.

As long as your browser is open, you will not lose your place and you will be automatically taken to the checkout process when it is your turn, without needing to refresh.

What if I get an error page?

Getting an error page will not result in you losing your place in the queue or tickets in your cart.

The queue is made of many, many servers. In the unlikely event that you get an error page, it is possible that you landed on a misbehaving server or group of servers. This is why we painstakingly monitor for misbehaving servers and take them out on the fly.

What happens if I refresh?

The queue page will automatically take you into the checkout when it is your turn, so you should not need to refresh. Refreshing does not improve your odds of getting through the queue.

If you do refresh, you will keep your place in line. That said, our load balancers will automatically throttle and even block users that it deems malicious, so don’t go overboard spamming your Refresh button.

What are the technical requirements for the queue?

To properly maintain your place in the queue, your browser must support cookies and javascript.

All current major browsers support these features by default, so unless you explicitly turned the features off, you’ll be fine. The queue page will let you know in advance if we detect that your browser is incompatible.

PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT need to refresh this page. It will update automatically as you are admitted to the checkout. Activity that is deemed malicious or excessive could result in you being banned from our servers.

What else do I need to know about NYCC 2015 tickets?

• There is a limit of 2 VIP Tickets per VIP Ticket Type. There is a limit of 4 Tickets per Single Day or Multi-Day Ticket types. You cannot purchase more than 10 Tickets total per order.
• Tickets purchased on May 13 must be ordered online. Tickets cannot be purchased over the phone.
• There are no Presale of Tickets
• NYCC Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
• 3-Day Tickets are valid only for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
• Sunday Kids Tickets are only valid on Sunday, October 11 for Kids ages 6-12.

You may also acquire tickets through Special Edition: NYCC  if you plan to attend that.

Who are some of the Comic Guests? Well to list the ones confirmed so far (more will be added probably up until day 1):

Adam Hughes (Wonder Woman)

Chris Claremont (X-Men)

Todd McFarlane (Spawn – Founder of McFarlane Toys)

Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto)

along with Allison Sohn (Women Marvel sketch cards), Amy Reeder (Rocket Girl), Annie Wu (Black Canary), Charles Soule (Death of Wolverine) and Terry Dodson ( Star Wars Princess Leia)

As per usual, this list pales in comparison to the hundreds of amazing guests that NYCC usually has to offer so stay tuned for more announcements.

New York Comic Con is October 8-11th, 2015 this year and I hope to see you there. Fingers crossed that NYCC has gotten their stuff together for what will definitely be a massive undertaking tomorrow.

Good Luck – and Godspeed.


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