I honestly missed this part during the morning news rush of the Warner Brothers movie lineup being released.

Ezra Miller (Perks of Being A Wallflower, Californication) will be donning the red and gold suit for the 2018 stand alone The Flash.  The film will be unaffiliated with The CW series all reports suggest.

Variety reports The Flash story revolves around Barry Allen, a scientist who awakes from a coma and is gifted with the power of super speed.  Allen is a part of the Justice League and it is expected that Miller will have some sort of cameo in the upcoming pic Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice where that team is likely to be unveiled.

It was also confirmed this morning for the umpteenth time that yes, Jason Momoa is playing Aquaman.

If you missed the list of films, here it is.  (It was also announced that yes, there would be a stand alone Batfleck and Superman movie, respectively.)


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