Right on the heels of the big Thor: Ragnarok casting announcements this morning, some REALLY good news in the ol’ Webhead front.  Spider-Man: Homecoming is still a long ways out, but rumors of a certain Beetlejuice/Batman veteran are looking more promising!



Variety is reporting that Michael Keaton is in talks, aggressive talks, and may well be appearing in the film as a yet unnamed villain.  But then, CBR said he wasn’t, and now The Hollywood Reporter is saying he IS!

Of course this could mean YET ANOTHER GODDAMNED GREEN GOBLIN, sorry, I’m a little tired of such things.  We’re really hoping this means Vulture, right? Can’t you see Keaton playing him?  Remember back when we were going to get a Spider-Man 4 with Tobey Maguire?  John Malkovich was going to be playing the feathered foe, so it’s not like there weren’t plans for his appearance in the film franchise, albeit that was back when Raimi was at the helm of a quickly sinking ship.

But to be more practical, Keaton could easily be stepping into the now vacant JK Simons JJ Jameson role, bringing his The Paper roots back round.

We’ll let you know as more information becomes available.

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