Vans has teamed up with Nintendo to kick you right in the nostalgia balls. The newest addition to their line up of awesome gear features timeless classics from SNES including DUCK HUNT, MARIO and LUIGI, ZELDA, and DONKEY KONG! PRINCESS PEACH makes quite the bubble gum pink splash on the scene as well. There are even two pairs of sweet kicks featuring BOB-OMB!Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.38.50 PMXSBK5P-HERO4MPJRE-HERO4MLJP5-HERO

Vans also did something super clever with all the black soles of these badass shoes. If you turn them over, they had the two words that every player absolutely dreaded….


GAME OVER! that meant you had to START. ALL. OVER. Goddamn, we used to work hard on these games.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.37.47 PM

The use of the controller was also very well done. Despite the blisters it gave you, it was fun mashing the hell out of those buttons back in the good ol’ days.

If you need slightly more work-friendly shoes, Vans also offers up these Old Skool skate shoes that have a subtle side stripe featuring the pixelated brick paths we used to run across.


These 8-bit images bring back some crazy good memories and they make you look like the most stylin’ cat in the entire joint. SNES was literally the only console I personally owned until I was old enough to start working. I’m pretty sure my relationship with my cousins was only sustained through the fact that we all loved video games together because without them, we cannot tolerate each other. Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.38.28 PM

These remind me of sitting in the basement for hours, shooting at those damn ducks. Nowadays, kids cannot even make the motion of it with their hands without getting suspended.


I would love if they could also add the image of the dog from Duck Hunt snickering at you. I used to do the exact same thing while watching others take their turn.




You can be sure we will be getting at least one (or three) pairs of some super comfy shoes because let’s be honest, how can you not?! Thank you Vans and Nintendo, my 10 year old inner child is screaming profusely in joy.


You can find your pair here!

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