Good news for all of those who purchased an Xbox One – Respawn’s highly anticipated shooter Titanfall will be free of microtransactions. It seems that all you’ll need to get to all the 6v6 mech action is the initial $60 price of admission.

The news was made official via a tweet from Respawn’s official account. In response to a fan that asked about microtransactions and season passes, @Respawn said “No microtransactions. I don’t have any news on a season pass.”

Being that there was rumor that the game was going to be downright plagued with them, I am personally very happy as an owner of Microsoft’s newest console. The Titanfall and Halo series games are two of the most anticipated releases this coming year and if half of Xbox One’s premiere line-up of games had digital red-tape that you had to cross just to be able to play it….it would not have been a good sign for the future of gaming let alone the future of this newborn console. Thankfully it has officially gone the other way.

and I’ll leave you with something to be excited about:



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