Hot off the success of the most Lynchian tv series that isn’t Twin Peaks, Legion creator/writer/director Noah Hawley announced some big news at SDCC.  During the official FX panel for Legion, Hawley broke the news that he is currently developing a Doctor Doom film for FOX.

This news comes as a surprise, as after the multiple repeated attempts to bring the Latverian lord to the big screen have fallen flat.  The Fantastic Four franchise just never seem to get Doom (or anyone else for that matter) right.  They try, oh yes they try, but key elements that make Doom such an enduring character in the Marvel Comics lexicon are missing pretty much every time.

“I’ll just say two words. The first one is Doctor and the next one is Doom,” Hawley said at the end of the Legion panel, causing pandamonium to erupt, but it seems like the responses were positive.  Hawley has shown fans he can tackle obscure Marvel characters and tell their stories in new and interesting ways.  Legion was certainly an enjoyable surprise, and FX has jumped the series to 10 episodes from season 2, much to fans delight.

Not much is known at this point about this project, as it sounds like things are still in the early development days.  We may get more information during FOX’s Hall H panel, as that’s when this type of news gets more clarity at SDCC.

There is always the persistent rumor that the Fantastic Four rights will somehow find their way back into Marvel’s hands, especially after the repeated box office and fan flops that accompany the FF films.  Maybe this will be announced during Marvel’s Hall H panel, it’s always a possibility.

We’ll let you know as more information becomes available about this and many other SDCC announcements, so keep checking back on our website and facebook page over the next few days!

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