I can’t remember the last time I used a payphone and I suspect that there are a few people reading this who have never touched one in their lives, ever. That’s a sobering thought about my own mortality– but I digress.

Looks like New York City plans to rip out most of those useless payphones and replace them with LinkNYC which is a network of 10,000 gigabit WiFi hotspots located in each of the five boroughs. Each link will be a small wifi tower with 24 hour access to the internet; Android powered touchscreens that will access city services, maps and directions for tourists; feature built in charging stations; and (yes) you’ll still be able to call anyone in the United States from them as well. And it will be free.

The other thing they’ll double as is a digital billboard which they estimate will bring in $500 million over the next 12 years. Compared to quarters no one is putting into the current payphones, that seems to be a step up. Personally, getting free WiFi every time I visit New York is a pain so I’m excited as hell! Check out the designs in the gallery below!

And hey, if you’re going to miss the old payphones, don’t worry as a few historic payphones will still be in use. That’s not to mention that the city plans to auction the old ones off to anyone who wants to buy them for sentimental value.

[Image Credits:CityBridge]

[Source: Washington Post via Engadget]

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