I am thrilled, as a fan of the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon, these are characters I’ve been dying to see make their way onto the screen on the hit STARZ drama Outlander.

Without spoiling too much for you non readers, Jamie and Claire go to France.  While there, Jamie adopts a young French boy named Claudel, but this of course isn’t a verra Scottish name, so he becomes Fergus.  Fergus is nimble and quick, he helps secure information about important happenings and reports back to Jamie, while also protecting Claire on her travels through Paris.  Gabaldon just posted this photo of Romann Berrux, who will be playing Fergus.  He’s so cute!!


We also know who will be playing the mysterious Master Raymond.  A fellow apothecary who’s clientele includes the King’s mistresses as well as several other high-class members of Parisian society, this character becomes a friend for Claire.  Someone who may know more about the world than he lets on, and my possibly be another traveler. Dominique Pinon (Amelie, Alien: Resurrection) will be our Master Raymond.


We also have yet another character added as of this afternoon, Mark Hawkins.  I can’t really tell you too much about her, other than she’s a young lady of means who Claire takes under her wing, and becomes a recurring character (at least in the books) when several things happen.  Rosie Day will be portraying her.


The fourth character to be announced today is none other than the Bonnie Prince himself, Charles Stewart.  Andrew Gower (Rosewater, The Borgias) will be taking on the role of the doomed rebellious leader, an exiled royal living in France trying to drum up support to fund an army.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 1.55.20 PM

Hopefully we’ll get the other big casting announcements soon.  #Droughtlander has begun, and we have to wait until Spring 2016 for more of the show.

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