HAPPY FRIDAY WEEKEND YAY ALL! And in order to celebrate that, the indomitable and always trendy POPRAGEOUS has released probably some of the cutest (and nerdiest) swim wear possible! This summer make sure you pick up the latest release from Poprageous’ line of swimwear, and boy, is it a doozy!



This beautiful piece is inspired by, you guessed it, the iconic slave Leia costume that got all the teenage hormones going and inspired thousands of females to show off their finest! Made from super silky material, you will not have to worry about those pesky lines that metal armor always leaves!



Oh, did I mention that it was a Brazilian bikini bottom?


As we know, Return of the Jedi left our princess in the hands of the infamous Hutt gangster, Jabba. With a ton of implied forced icky torture and some pretty explicit touching/tugging, Leia gets sick and tired of all this, eventually taking matters literally into her own hands. And explosions!


This bikini is all of the badass, sexy strength that comes with being a space princess and none of the slimy alien weirdness associated with it.


On a personal note, all of their swimwear (and other amazing items) all feel absolutely amazing and there is never a worry about a nip slip or sheer legging syndrome! Poprageous is committed to both excellence as well as a respect for their customers meaning they have unparalleled customer service and everything they produce is made by hand. Whether it is a celebration of all things filled with sunshine or just because you want to show off all that hard work, you need one of their pieces in your arsenal!!

Also, their boss queen is probably one of the coolest individuals you’ll have the pleasure of conversing with.

This outfit will run you a hundred big ones but…as my wallet will tell you, it is worth it and the excitement for it is palpable, or should we say PALPATINE?

So…why are you still sitting here? Hurry up and get your set here! POP over to see what all of US are RAGE-ing over!

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