Multibillionaire Manoj Bhargava has invented a bike that could power a home for a full day by pedalling for 60 minutes. Founder of the popular energy-boosting supplement company 5-hour Energy has pledged to spending 90% of his wealth, estimated to be $4 billion, to charity and research.

The bike is meant to power rural homes in the poorest places on the planet. It’s a brilliant solution for the three billion people on the planet who don’t have reliable access – or any access – to energy.

Check out this mini documentary regarding the bike:

I’m not sure how much power the bike will actually produce although the wall of lights says it’s 1050 watts of electricity. The bike will create AC power that will be converted to DC power in the battery but it’s not quite clear how they’re calculating 24 hours of energy.

The bike will not be free and the concept is for a small town to buy a single unit for about $100 but each household will have their own battery. Twelve families pitching in $8.33 would probably work out well for an endless supply of electricity. Check out Bhargava’s foundation Billions in Change for more.

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