There are a lot of videos out there with chemical reactions like the famous Coke and Mentos ones.  But what would happen if you mix a propane gas with a good ole Coke?

Thanks to Kreosan from YouTube, we can see exactly what happens when you mix a volatile gas into the bottle. Check it out

What did you expect from a crazy Russian,  it’s freaking awesome. Don’t try this experiment indoors, the chemical reaction is pretty violent and there’s no way to control the trajectory of the bottle.

Aggressive Comix will not be held responsible for any damage or injuries sustained if you attempt this experiment. 

So now what is actually occurring? Well let us try our best to explain.

This behavior has little to do with using a carbonated beverage. Try search terms you can find plenty of examples when you look up Butane Water Rocket.

The phenomenon that is happening is the large volume difference between a liquid and a gas.

When the butane is introduced into the container, it is an expanding vapor, which loses some energy from the expansion. When you add butane from the compressed can, some of it condenses into the liquid. Butane’s density makes it so it floats on top of the liquid water. Now when we flip the bottle and the two liquids meet relatively warm water, by comparison to the temperature of the butane/propane, the high surface area of the interaction causes the temperature of the butane to be immediately raised now providing it with a burst of energy to change the thing liquid layer into a gas phase. Not only that but there become a massive change in volume causing a combustion in pressure causing the cola to blast out of the bottle.

This is similar to the mentos trick.

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