As if Sony didn’t knock the ball out of the park in the last few rounds in the console war, they’ve managed to do it again! On August 7, when the President of Sony Worldwide Studios took to Twitter and announced that a PS+ account will not be required to use the systems gameplay recording features. The confirmation was publicized after Microsoft divulged that thier Xbox One will in fact require an active online account for the similar service.

As established in the past, the PS4 will continually record video game no more than 15 minutes into the past for a player to capture, edit, and share all on the system itself. This prompts another hit against the Xbox One as it will only be capable of recording up to 5 minutes into the past without prompt.

Just to clarify, the PS4 will in fact have the unpaid access to Netflix, the internet browser, SOE games such as DC Universe, cross-game chat with friends, and a plethora of other games and features which the company officially announced in June. Now with the added ability to stream your games Sony has undoubtedly taken a huge advance in terms of press for its PS4 console.

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